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Behaviour Consultation
In-Home Consultation to assist you to resolve and manage behavioural problems
This is an in-depth comprehensive visit to your home from one of our experienced trainers to assist you to resolve and/or manage behavioural problems you may be experiencing with your dog.
We have many enquiries from people who are struggling with their dogs displaying undesirable behaviour and they are unsure of how to change it.  We are here to help! We recognise that both you and your dog are unique individuals and what may work for one owner may not work for another.  We are extremely experienced in problem-solving and troubleshooting and offer logical solutions to help resolve or manage problem behaviours. 

Our Behaviour consultation service consists of two visits.

A Behaviour Consultation Includes:

  • Initial phone assessment to discuss your concerns and explain your options prior to booking to ensure this is the best service for your training needs.

  • A Comprehensive Visit at your home
  • We meet with you first, before we meet the dog (s) and discuss in detail your concerns
  • We will explain why you are experiencing the current issues; and what you will need to do to change or manage these issues -  (and yes, with behavioural issues you will need to change what you are currently doing)
  • Then, we start hands-on training with you and your dog, demonstrating the techniques of any suggestions that we have made. 
  • Then it's your turn to practice what you have learned, under supervision whilst we coach you until you feel confident to be able to continue on your own.
  • This visit is not time monitored. They often take between 2-3hours, but we stay until you feel comfortable with all the training recommendations required.  

  • After your visit (4-7 days) we send you a tailored training plan to help you stay on top of the training.
  • We are available on phone or email if you have questions/problems and will continue to assist you with any problem solving or troubleshooting as you progress.

We then ask that you keep us posted on your progress and make sure you contact us if you have any concerns. 

It really is up to you as to how effective this training will be.  We will make sure that you have all the best advice, coaching and support but we can't make you use it. We will teach you how to train your dog but you will need to put in the work to see results. 

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