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K9 High School Club (5mths +)
Basic and Intermediate Obedience Lessons
     Intake Starter lesson - $120
     Training Lessons $20 per lesson
This club is designed to give you the skills to have your dog listen and respond to basic commands and follow because they want to listen to you. 

When our dogs don't listen to us, it can become very stressful, especially when you are out and about. In our K9 High School lessons, we teach you all the skills and techniques to get your dog to listen to you (on the first command). These classes are not playdates (you can do that for free at the park) but rather to have your dog listen even with the distraction of other dogs around. We help you become more important and significant to your dog, therefore, building a stronger relationship.   We start by teaching you in a controlled environment but as you both progress we challenge the dogs with higher levels of distraction. Many organisations just offer private obedience however we believe that you need the skills for the real world and we will help you achieve the skills needed to be able to walk your dog not just at home with no distraction but out in the big world in real situations. 

Our intake starter lesson is 2 hours, and you must attend this lesson prior to attending lessons with your dog.
Each following lesson is a 1-hour lesson.

Course Covers:

Come when called
Heel - A focused heel (to walk beside you and be happy to do so)
Effective communication skills
Getting your dog to look to you for direction
Stand for examination
Drop (Down)
Drop (Down) / Stay
Clicker Training
​Verbal Marker Training
and so much more...........

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​​​​​Classes Available At:

Elanora State School
K P McGrath Drive, Elanora Q 4221

Instructor: Anthea Holmes
​Classes available: Saturdays

Upper Coomera
Highland Reserve State School
507 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera Q 4209

Instructor: Sarah Cabral
​Classes available: Saturdays3


The German Club
3 Jondique Avenue, Carrara Q 4211

Instructor: Sarah Cabral
Classes available: Wednesday PM