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On-Lead Aggression Lesson
A Private Lesson in an controlled environment to assist with dealing with on-lead aggression​​
This involves a visit to one of our highly experienced trainer's home where you are taught and assisted with how to train and manage a dog that is extremely difficult when other dogs are around.
Is your dog the kind of dog that barks, lunges and goes crazy when it sees another dog? Or is your dog so excited at the sight of another dog that everything you have taught your dog goes out the window?  Do you wish your dog would listen better but couldn't imagine attending a group class without becoming embarrassed at your dog's undesirable behaviour? That's where we can help!

Our on-lead aggression lesson is a one-off 2-hour lesson with the option of follow up lessons if you feel you need more.

On-Lead Aggression Lesson Includes:

  • These lessons are held at a private property in Tallebudgera Valley or Upper Coomera
  • When you first arrive you will not even be able to see another dog
  • Your instructor will work with you and your dog to teach you good handling skills
  • As you get more skilled and confident, reliable dogs will then be placed out as a distraction
  • Please be aware our goal is to set you up for success, so the dogs will not be coming into direct contact with one another.  Depending upon your skill set and your dog's level of reactivity,  dogs used for distraction may be walked past on lead,  placed in yards  or just laying on a mat in a fixed position
  • You will be taught what to do when your dog lunges, barks or carries on so that you can continue practising and working with it once you leave .

  • You are welcome to book a follow-up lesson if you feel like you need further instruction.
  • More often than not,  most people feel confident enough to be able to keep practising on their own. 
  • You may wish to  join into group lessons to practice what you have learned in a controlled environment but with the distraction of other dogs present .... present
  • \ or maybe you are ready to take a stroll with our Trainer along Burleigh Beach Promenade

We do ask, that you keep us posted on your progress and make sure you contact us if you have any concerns. 

It really is up to you how effective this training will be as we will make sure that you have all the best advice and coaching but we can't make you use it. You must recognise that to be able to achieve changes in our dogs we must look at what we are doing to perhaps make things worse (not intentionally). We teach you how to train your dog but you will need to put in the work to see results. 

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