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Sarah Cabral
​I am a very passionate dog trainer. I have spent my entire working life in the animal industry. I was a Vet Nurse and Practice Manager for a small Veterinary surgery for over 10 years. 

​At the tender age of 10 years old my parents purchased my first dog, I had been begging for a dog since I could say the word dog.(Dog may have been my first word) I took my beloved dog to training, as I believed all responsible owners were supposed to do, and I was told that my dog was UNTRAINABLE! I was devastated to say the least. I made it my mission, right then, to train him. I studied and researched everything I could find about training and started to successfully train my dog. We had 14 beautiful years together and he started my journey in life to become the best trainer I could be. 

I always believe in challenging myself and after I became the Practice Manager of the vet clinic I needed something else to learn. I started looking at Canine Behaviour, why not... I had always loved training my dog?

​It opened up a whole world for me to start to understand why my dogs did the things they did and how truley amazing dogs really are. I left vet nursing to persue my new passion full time and have never looked back. 

For seven years I was an Instructor for Craig A Murray Dog Training on the Northern Gold Coast. During that time, I ran very successful puppy classes, juvenile classes, obedience classes, private lessons, behavioural consulations and more, I also volunteered to help train the Variety Therapy Dog Team.

I have my Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and my Certificate II in Vet Nursing. I also acheieved my government certification as an  accredited Assistance Dog Trainer. I am a puppy raiser having raised just over 20 puppies in the last 2.5 years (also going through an equal amount of thongs.)

​I am now mother of 4 beautiful human children but still have my home full of furry, feathery, and scaly kids too. My life would be empty without all the love that animals offer. I excel at teaching pups to have excellent manners around young children. (I have had A LOT of practice)

​I would love to be able to help you and your dog achieve a great relationship and help you get the best pet you can.  ​​
​​​​​​​​​Sarah - 0416 072 724